Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Murano - an island of glass

An island , Murano can be reached by waterbuses from Venice . Get off at the last stop and you can reach the glass museum and the church of St Mary and Donatus . Initially while we were searching for our home stay, we crossed several bridges , until we came to the last stop. Besides the museum, we stopped by at the factory and here are some of the pictures on how glass is moulded in Murano . You can do a lot of shopping here ; each shop window looks extremely colourful with glass figurines and hand painted masks hanging around ..


Pijush said...

Wonderful shots.. The colors of the glasses are fabulous and you have nicely captured the formation process. Special mention to the landscape of the island, it’s magnificent.

Juhi said...

looks like you had a great trip. would like to read more. pl takea look at my blog sometime

Smita said...

Did they give you a hand at glass making? Did u get some back?

backpakker said...

Pijush - thank you ..arent the colours amazing..could not contain the temptation , so bought it at the last moment while boarding the water bus

Juhi- welcome to backpakker to see another traveller's blog.will be reading yours in a while

Smita- I didnt dare try my hand at it ..its frightfully hot out there ..we shot the pics from a small window . yes, I picked up these glasses that I saw at a shop window ..couldnt resist them

GMG said...

First, Venice!
It's one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and your pictures show why. Rialto, San Marco, the Ponte dei Sospiri, the Gran Canale are wonderful places; and the sunsets, as well as the night shots, are absolutely stunning. Did you eat an ice-cream at the Quadri while listenning to the music?
Just three short notes on getting to Murano:
"room will not be ready before 1 pm" yes, if you keep the room until 12:00 noon, it hardly possible to get it ready before 1:00 p.m. for the next customer.
"language is an issue...", ok; but have you ever seen anyone in England (or in India) speaking Italian?
41/51? It's surely confusing, but you got there; that's a typical Italian solution. In some other places, you wouldn't make it ever... ;)

Now, Murano.
Murano is an amazing place and much quieter, in particular at night when the shoppers are gone. The century old glass factories are quite interesting, and the glass products a surprise. But I'm not a big fan; I actually prefer the Portuguese Atlantis crystal ware... ;))

I'm still in Germany at Blogtrotter - Vallendar, Rheinland!
Have a great weekend!

backpakker said...

Hi Gill

Thanks for the comment. Italy has been a childhood fascination for me and it was a dream come post on Rome will be more on that ..

As far as language is concerned , I was always under the perception that English is universal and will be spoken in all European countries ..India is a different kettle of fish in this regard - there are so many languages and dialects like stars in the sky and one would debate if there is a national language at all for room availability, we did not know that check in time was 1 pm- we were used to 10-11 am - no information was available online as well, as it was a home stay ..and yes, thank god we went back..we were lucky !

indicaspecies said...

Lovely pictures of Murano. The glass making fiery furnaces of Murano are indeed legendary.

PS: One of your pictures (DSC00493-1) is repeated. Where was it shot - Venice or Murano?

Kalyan said...

WoW...some wonderfully captured & composed shots with lovely lighting & the colours as usual...Excellent!
Have a nice week ahead...!

backpakker said...

Indicaspecies - Oops ! It is Murano, guess I didnt realize ...its amazing to see the way glass is formed ..dangerous working with fire though

kalyan - Thank you so much and a happy durga puja ..