Wednesday, February 27, 2008

And they were part of the trail ..

I met them in Nugehalli and they are part of the trail as well.. Excited to see visitors in their town, they stopped their game of cricket . The temples were initially shut and they asked us if the priest could be summoned ..I didnt know their names , but they voluntarily posed for me ..


AJEYA RAO said...

Villagers are often very helpful...I recall two kids who guided us to the rock summit at BUdikote in Kolar....If not for them we would have taken double to the time to climb up.

Sujata said...

Very intresting pictures! Hoysalas is beautiful. I had never heard of this place before, and now I am almost tempted to visit!

flyingstars said...

and these guys are so common anywhere in India...what I most like about them is their humbleness and the eagerness to help new places we can find lots of information from them which makes the journey more enriching...nicely captured shots!

Kamini said...

It's people and incidents like these that make travel special, and leave a lasting impression.

david mcmahon said...

Never been to that part of the country - but I will one day, with my camera.

You're honoured - imagine two boys stopping a game of cricket!!

*~*Sameera*~* said...

That was so sweet!Their excitement and happiness at being shot is so evident here :)

GMG said...

It's amazing that they stopped the game to help you. Can imagine stopping a football game to call the priest... Well, actually, it could also happen here!
Nuggehalli looks wonderful, and your pictures of the temple are gorgeous! I know whom I'm going to ask for directions, if and when I get closer to Bangalore... ;)
Have a great week, Lakshmi!

shelley said...

Thank you - once again for sharing beautiful pictures. I love the intricate carving work in the temples!

backpakker said...

Ajeya - Villagers are actually a treasure trove of knowledge..if we get to befriend them, they will actually tell us so many things that we dont really know..

Sujata - Welcome to backpakker..the hoysala trail is must go when you feel like it

Kalyan - Nice true..they are quite eager to help and are excited about a simple thing like this..

Kamini - People make places..dont you think so ?

David - I am sure your lens will do justice to these temples..yes, I am feeling honoured

Sameera - I think they were excited not meet too many people from the city

GMG/ Gill - People in rural areas long for something that will break the monotony..tourists, vistors from a city are like events to them..especially if you visit a place which is not in the tourist circuit..Need help wrt Indian destinations, pls let me know.

Shelley -Thank you..its quite amazing that they have stood the test of time

Sahasi said...

Hey Backpacker,
You must visit Kaidala, a village about 9 km from Tumkur off Gulur, the birthplace of Master Sculptor Jakkanachari who designed almost all the Hoysala temples in Karnataka in cluding Belur and Halebid and Nugehalli.
Search on Google you will find a link to my article about Kaidala.

Jeevan said...

Reality exposure :)

backpakker said...

Sahasi - will do that and will definitel visit the place

Jeevan - true..thanks