Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kandya temple

If the river Tunga flows peacefully, can the river Bhadra be far behind ..A couple of hours from Sringeri is Chikmagalur and as one climbs the western ghats across the hairpin bends, dense forests and coffee plantations , you come across an ancient temple called the Kandya temple, where the Bhadra flows quietly behind..The two rivers join to form the Tunga Bhadra which flows down the ruins of Vijayanagar empire in Hampi.

I had been to this temple as a child when we had visited Sringeri and I remember seeing the rivers Tunga and Bhadra for the first time.This is my second visit to this temple.I was must admit that I have not done any research on this temple.The story of Markandeya who defies death and the Lord of death, Yama by praying to Lord Shiva is immortalised here , hence the name Kandya temple.

The story goes that Markandeya's parents had prayed to Lord Shiva for a son. Lord Shiva gave them an option - either an intelligent compassionate son who will die at 16 years or a stupid indifferent son who will live a long life . The parents opted for the former and when Markandeya became 16 years old, Yama with his noose landed to claim his life. Markandeya requested a few minutes to pray to Shiva, but death waits for none. As Yama flung the noose over Markandeya's neck, the boy clung on to the Linga praying to the Lord. As the noose tightened, it is said that Lord Shiva emerged out of the Linga and gave Markandeya his life back saying that he will live and forever be 16 years of age..

It is said to be a very ancient temple and not much literature is available here. The temple was under renovation when we went there..and yet, not a soul around. I do not know which dynasty built this temple, but note the image of the fish on the wall. It probably indicates the direction to find the the river which is the only witness to the history of this temple. Calm and placid, it flows as history and mythology weave a tale..


Emperor Ropi said...

You have beautiful culture. Yes, your language education sounds reasonable. Ihave been learning English for less than 3 years. It will be exactly 3 years in September.

Vishnupriya Janardhanan said...

that was a really nice post. .every single temple has a story behind it doesn't it :-).

Nomadic Matt said...

You should visit! :)

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I stumbled your site. Feel free to return the favor! :)

Wendy said...

What a beautiful temple journey you are taking us on.

GMG said...

Hi Lakshmi, three beautiful posts while I was absent and some more places to include in my (still enormously long ) must see list...
the water of the River Tunga is so serene... (shame that some garbage seems to be around)!
The sculptures of the temple are fantastic; similar to the work in some Marrakesh palaces (with the difference on the motifs of the stonework...).
Finally, that tree must be very, very old!
Have a great week!

Joy said...

It looked so peaceful and quiet. Where is everyone?

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments. It's been a while but I hope to visit your blog more regularly. A lot of things have happened in my so called life, which prevented me from being more active online. Enjoy the week ahead!

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Made in Colombia (hecho en Colombia) said...

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I recommend putting the banner in a conspicuous place and great for the people who still know you're nominated and continue voting for your great blog

greetings from Colombia!

indicaspecies said...

Nice post. I find the serenity of the waters appealing and it's an good sight to behold for a calming effect.

Andy said...

Amazing blog and wonderful pictures. I will try to check it out every onde and again!

Cuckoo said...

Doesn't the bull look like the one in Nandi temple ?

Nice post with a story. :)


Indrani said...

I am reminded of Markendeya's story... great post with pictures.

Pallavi said...

The river reminds me of Hampi.. what a beautiful place it is.. if you like ruins.. :)

Nobel Prize Blogger said...

Dear Blogger ...
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*~*Sameera*~* said...

Lovely shots!You have captured the spiritual tranquility of the place so well :)

Jeevan said...

Undisturbed places and the description were interesting that forever being 16-age-old.

backpakker said...

Ropi - Indian culture is truly beautiful and its got lots of depth . all the best with your classes

Vishnu - and its the stories that make it more interesting

Matt - Maybe sometime ..I will visit and yes, Ive stumbled you as well

Gil - the tree is very ancient and in india, some trees are worshipped or they have a deeper significance..the temple sculptures do look breathtaking and I did see some influence from your Marrakesh posts

Joy - its in the hills not near a village pilgrims visit once in a while.

Made in Colombia - thanks for the vote ..Im sorry I havent been part of this activity as I have been travelling

Celine - Thanks .I like the place for its calm..but it has been renovated and still in the process ...

Andy - Welcome to backpakker and thanks.looking forward to seeing you soon

Cuckoo - Thanks does

Indrani - Yes, thats the story thats immortalised here

Pallavi - The Tungabhadra flows in Hampi..I love ruins

NPB - Sorry..I havent participated so much..I have been travelling

Sameera -Thanks ..The place is so quiet and beautiful

Jeevan - Yes..that adds to the mysticism of the place