Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stuck at home with itchy feet

I am stuck at home as I am money to fly or stay in a decent hotel and all trains are running full.So am currently looking for sponsors and well wishers and good ideas to travel without spending much.I write for a living and so if any magazine or website out there wishes me to travel to Kerala or Kumbakonam in exchange for a story, I am game. Hope some resort or hotel owners out there are listening as well and will show me some hospitality in return for some publicity. This weekend has been particularly disappointing. Four destinations were planned and they all remained in the planning stage only . Next week seems to be going the same way . So, here I am sitting and looking at my old pictures and feeling nostalgic


mark said...

ha..dear L: at first i thought your feet needed scratching...

Aaarti said...

Awww.. there is nothing worse than wanting to travel but being unable to....

i can loan u some.. let me know!!:D
btw, thot u were to come here with athai.. wat happened?

vishesh said...


Arun said...

The picture makes a good attempt to speak the post. :)

All the best!

sukku said...

Sorry to hear that you are grounded due to lack of funds. Hoping that some god news come your way soon.

Ravi Kumar said...

I am always short of funds.. my himalayan trip was on borrowed money ;) dont worry in a couple of days u will get a call...a divine intervention..


o oh how sad. I am also very restless now a days.

I also or used to trave a lot out of passion but last 4-5 years some reason including finance , even stuck at home .

I understand you.

Jeevan said...

That’s say wandered feet not easily stays at a place. I wish you get the wanted to travel and explore many places. Best wishes buddy! we didn’t forget, u said to write post on kodai right :)

indicaspecies said...

I wish you success with your future plans. All the best!

Indrani said...

Lakshmi, drop in home some day!
The picture and your writeup made me smile. :)

Nomadic Matt said...

i too need a broke!

ceedy said...

Maybe its a sign...for the much needed rest or better still write THE book...that will provide constant income :)

Hope your feet stop itching soon tho

shooting star said...

am jealous of you....i get to travel once in six of the time am doing what you are doing now...looking at pics and getting nostalgic!!!

mitr_bayarea said...


Hopefully, this post might reach out to a larger audience and you will soon be able to resume your travelogues.

~vagabond~ said...

Ugh. I know just the feeling. It's the worst form of restlessness that there is.

But maybe it's a good thing. Maybe you'll get nostalgic enough looking at some of the photos and churn up a new blog on some of the old places you've been to and never blogged about. Or maybe the itchiness will get so bad that you'll discover some places right near where you live that you never knew existed. Just drive down roads you havent driven before. ;)

GMG said...

Hi Lakshmi! Oh dear, welcome to the group... ;) Stuck!! Why don't you take a look at Chatwin's «Anatomy of Restlessness»? Could help... ;)
Meanwhile, do you want to have a look at a magic place: Delos, Apollo’s birthplace and home to Dionysus sanctuary? Blogtrotter has it! ;))
Hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend!

Kamini said...

Oh, that's tough. Travel can become addictive, I know! I hope something goods works out for you soon.
Best wishes

Wendy said...

Hopefully this dry spell won't last too long. Perhaps it's a chance to res a bit?

Nandan Jha said...

Here's an offer.

2 nights 3 days in the national capital. includes a homely stay, a/c double, wi-fi to keep your blog updated, a car though w/o driver but can be arranged at a minimal cost.

You would be sharing the apartment with other inmates, includes a 3.5 year old hyper-active kid.

The weather is pretty nice here and someone wrote at some post that Delhi has more than 150 monuments.

lakshman said...

that is why you should advance in can travel anywhere in the world in yogic trance..

Mridula said...

Lovely picture, describes your mood so well. Hope something comes your way and mine too!

Merisi said...

I feel for that little goat out in the rain, and for you too! I hope you have been swamped with people wanting you to write about their places, and paying you well.
Good luck! :-)

Lakshmi said...

Mark - your sense of humour

aaarti- thanks..can manage :) couldnt make it..last minute changes

Vishesh - I know :(

Arun - Found this poor goat enroute to Lepakshi..i felt quite similar

Sukku - Thanks for yr wishes ..I either need to win a lottery or the stocks have to go up ..neither seems likely :)

Ravi - Cant travel on borrowed money..rather prefer assignments

Harekrishnaji- may we both start travelling soon

Jeevan -thanks for yr wishes..kodai on the way, just for u

celine -thanks...

Indrani - Glad u saw the humour..will def come home :)

Matt -pls include me when u are looking for one..

Ceedy - Im on a break fm work..this is resting ..yes, even to write a book I need a publisher

Mitr - I hope so, so far no offers :(

Vagabond - Thanks for the wishes..U know I dislike travelling inside Bangalore..i would rather walk in a park..

Kamini - Yup Im addicted

Wendy - Thats tough as I took a break fm work to travel on hope :)

nandan - Thanks for the offer..I will take it up ..heater preferably..I come from a " hot " city (Chennai)

Lakshman - Oh God !Yoga can take me only on a internal journey

Mridula - Hope so..may visit delhi if all goes well, am not ref to Nandan's offer :)

Merisi - Thanks..not yet, but there is always hope :)