Wednesday, May 18, 2011

lalbagh diary - musings from the track part 2

0940 just woke up to the strains of samosa dosai - for a moment I thought these guys were getting innovative and stuffing dosas with samosa - the train slows and we pass through a semi forested area - there are trees and thorny shrubs scattered around - something about the trees though ;they seem to spread around casting dark shadows . An old bridge is on the other side and I think I can see some murky water under the bridge . There are some tracks next to me with some coaches scattered - they seem to have been abandoned .

0950 aaloo bonda medhu vadai masala dosa - he pauses at the aisle and looks around . The train slows again as we near gudiyattam - I don't know why but I take a fancy to the station . A small podgy guard waves the green flag and we leave in slow motion , crossing the railway crossing with just one cyclist waiting

1005 we land in the noisiest station so far - katpadi . Its teeming with people and some jokers are parading with some flags raising some congratulatory slogans . Suddenly all the noise is inside the compartment . The men  are wearing some big badges that looks like a withered sunflower with yello satin around with a mug of a guy in the centre - they start sitting wherever they want like in an unreserved compartment . Talks of politics are rife - one guy is the leader ; he is encouraging everyone to follow his example to yell , eat , drink and throw weight around . The kids start wailing and another loud pax starts talking on the phone . A goods train crosses and we are slowly chugging along . Suddenly the journey seems long and the goods train seems to be faster - only half the journey is over

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Anonymous said...

Hi lakshmi.....horrible journey with those of co-passengers.