Sunday, December 25, 2011

2011 Flashback - Biblical Jordan

A Merry Christmas to my readers.. Here is a post on Biblical Jordan.I was invited by Jordan Tourism Board and was in this fabulous country for a week. Besides the Dead Sea , Petra, Amman , Jerash and Aqaba, I was completely fascinated by Madaba , Mount Nebu and Bethany beyond the Jordan - sites that tell you from the Bible.

My story was published in The Hindu on Biblical Jordan.If you like my posts and photographs, please do join me on my Facebook page.


Cheap Flights said...

Excellent blog written by Lakshmi, I feel like taking cheap flights to Jordan and discover these places.

Gowtham said...

Adds one more place to travel wishlist. Nice one.

BTD said...

Wow,this is magical.Very nice pictures of Jordan you have there.I could only wish to go there,maybe someday i will :).Good job.Keep up the good work.