Friday, September 07, 2012

Skywatch Friday–a view of a town from atop a temple

In India, small towns and villages are often defined by their temples. The moment you walk into any town, your eyes turn upwards as you scan the height of the Gopura or the tower of the temple. Most photographs will show you the montage of sculptures carved on these tall Gopuras, but very rarely you see images of the town itself .  The temple in Suseendram is the nucleus of the town and as we climbed up the gopura, I saw a different perspective of the town with the Western Ghats bordering it. The town was getting ready for the temple festival and one could feel the energy .


Suseendram is one of the first places we visited in the Naanjil Naadu tour. For stories on Suseendram, click here. For posts on Naanjil Naadu, visit here.
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Liz said...

Wonderful shots! Happy sky watching.


Luna Miranda said...

the rooftops are interesting with its beautiful domes and spires. the distant mountains are also beautiful.

Jeevan said...

We checked this place in last December! We parked our car in the street that u captured in the first photo. Great view!

ladyfi said...

Lovely shots!

Lorac said...

Love the glimpses into India. Very nice with the mountain in the back and the great towers and spires.

Puru@ShadowsGalore said...

Beautiful photographs. And yes, religion is such a part of our lives that we identify our towns and villages with our religious symbols :)

Szymon Konieczny said...

Really great shots! :)

how to climb said...

really beautiful post. thanks for sharing.