Friday, November 23, 2012

Skywatch Friday– The Alcazar in Segovia

A fairy tale castle, the royal palace , this is the Alcazar or the Fortress in Segovia in Spain.  It is believed to be the inspiration for Walt Disney’s Cindrella Castle.

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R Niranjan Das said...

Beautiful castle!!

Renuka said...

Building castles in the air isn't a bad idea...they do come true!

snapperoni said...


I am planning to visit Segovia this year and seeing this just makes me want to fly to Spain sooner! :D

Jeevan said...

Awesome Indeed!

Rohit said...

Hauntingly beautiful! Wow, you sure are on an exploration-spree Lakshmi. You know, there is one place I could suggest(and hope you haven’t already been here!)- Stuttgart, in Germany. I have been there and saw just about everything I would have wished for- hills, castles, museums. The Christmas market was awesome. I guess reading about it might get you curious: And I would be curious to read about your experience (if and when you go).


wow . great place .nice pics

Lucy Corrander said...

What a place! And, yes, it looks as if there ought to be graffiti on the walls saying 'Disney woz 'ere'.* * *
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- where it is now known as M2.
If you would like to - please do re-follow there!

Poorna said...

Lovely!! The turrets of the building seem to reach the sky!!!

Ross Taylor said...

I am also planning to visit Segovia this month and looking at this castle reminds me of fairy tale. I also believed to be the inspiration for Walt Disney’s Castle. It is one of the most distinctive castle-palaces in Spain. Archaeological evidence suggests that the site of this Alcázar was once used in Roman times as a fortification. Thanks for Sharing pictures with us.
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